GMB condemns “callous” bosses who fire member rather than offer him alternative work

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Robert Morgan GMB heart attackThe GMB is appealing to bosses to reverse a decision to sack a driver after he had a heart attack.

Robert Morgan, who has worked for Bidvest the company for 23 years, was fired because he is no longer allowed to hold an HGV licence. He says he is prepared to do non-driving work.

GMB regional organiser David Day said: “In April this year Robert suffered a major heart attack. It appears his heart stopped, and although there was a defibrillator on site there was no first aider to use it. As this was a major Bidvest site, luckily there was an ambulance crew nearby and on arrival they were able to restart Robert’s heart.

“Thankfully Robert is now on the way to a good recovery and looking forward to returning to work. However at a meeting on Tuesday local managers decided that because Robert’s HGV licence had been withdrawn he was no longer employable. So after over 23 years working for them he has been given notice and his employment terminated.

“Local managers say that there is no other employment available based on a report that Bidvest commissioned and paid for. Robert was willing to do any work and even offered to take up a cleaning role.

“I represented Robert at the recent meetings. He is totally shattered and very upset by what happened. I am thoroughly disgusted at the heartless attitude of the local managers. It appears whoever you are, however loyal or however long you have worked for Bidvest you are just a dispensable clock number.

“GMB will pursue this case in every way possible.  My first step is to appeal the senior directors to reverse this callous decision.“

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