New GS admits union has a real fight on its hands to save members’ jobs


TSSA’s next General Secretary will be Manuel Cortes, the current Assistant General Secretary.

The current assistant general secretary was elected unopposed to the post. He said: “I am grateful to the many branches and activists who backed me for this post and I hope to build on all the good work that Gerry has put in over the last seven years.

“We have a real fight on our hands because the McNulty Report will lead to the biggest attack on our members jobs, wages and conditions in a generation. Boris is also recklessly destroying jobs within our tube and TfL and long as our high streets remain depressed, our members within the travel trade are feeling the pinch.

“We need to take the public with us as we make the argument for a publicly funded and publicly owned railway which we see operating so successfully in every other country in Europe.”

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