Protesters from all over Spain are arrived in the capital Madrid this weekend, in preparation for a mass demonstration on 22nd March.

An aerial photograph of marchers in Madrid

An aerial photograph of marchers in Madrid

The protesters are demanding an end to cuts – particularly in education and health, which have been dictated by the Troika – the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The so-called March for Dignity converged from all parts of Spain as people came on trains, buses or in cars from the provinces. Many unemployed people have actually been on the road for weeks, having marched from their home towns. They intend to camp in the capital until their demands are met. One teacher on the march explained why she was taking part:“There are too many reasons: my sons have to work every day from 8 in the morning to five of the next morning only for 400 euros per month! Also I’m a teacher and I know what cuts in the public sector mean”

58% of young people in Spain are unemployed and 500 people a day are evicted from their homes because they can’t afford the repayments on mortgages or rents. These marches are just the latest in a long campaign of resistance to economic policies in Spain which are impoverishing the population and decimating the education service. Teachers and students have been in the forefront of the protests – not only against the cuts, but also against a sweeping education ‘reform’ law, known as the LOMCE which will bring in the usual raft of neo-liberal measures, standardised testing and curriculum, privatisation and the break up of state education.

The Spanish government has closed off part of the capital and deployed hundreds of riot police in anticipation of tomorrow’s demonstration.

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