Comments from Unite general secretary come as strikers begin second full week of management-imposed lockout. (Image courtesy of MMP strikers)


Senior Unite officials have told striking printers, entering their second full week of action against redundancies at MMP packaging in Bootle, they will have ‘anything they want’ in order to win the dispute.

General secretary Len McCluskey and assistant general secretary Tony Burke (pictured) visited pickets locked out by management at the Merseyside plant on Saturday and Sunday.

The workers were locked out on 18th February after taking strike action in the dispute over the selection of 37 people for redundancy.

The Bootle plant specialises in printing and packaging for the food industry.

Len McCluskey told pickets on Saturday: “Nobody is going to be starved back to work.

“Nobody is going to be starved into accepting something that you don’t want.

“The number of strikes that are taking place within Unite at the moment is unprecedented – and I believe that the reason for that is that when working people have solidarity, anything is possible.”

Workers at a sister plant in Deeside are considering a ballot for industrial action in support of the Merseyside strikers.

The union says it is drawing up a “leverage plan” to identify – and put pressure on – companies in MMP’s supply chain and household name customers such as Kellogg’s to call on management to end the lockout, which is the first action of its kind taken in a UK industrial dispute for more than 50 years.

The strikers describe the weekend visits as ‘a welcome boost’ to the workforce.

Unite reps say they are struggling to bring MMP UK into meaningful talks about how to resolve the lockout.

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