On June 12th Uplift members delivered the open letter to Communicorp Head Office the company owned by Denis O’Brien.

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After a legal challenge by Denis O’Brien, on May 21st 2015, RTE were issued with a High Court order instructing them not to air a report containing details about Denis O’Brien’s relationship with the state owned bank IRBC.

Watch the video of campaigners handing in their petition- see what happens!


On May 29th, Independent TD, Catherine Murphy made a statement in the Dail that included information about Denis O’Brien and his financial dealings with IRBC. The majority of the Irish media did not publish the details of this statement until a High Court judge confirmed that the media could publish the Dáil statement.

Denis O’Brien is one of Ireland’s richest men. He is also Ireland’s most powerful media baron, controlling several national and regional radio stations and newspapers. He has extraordinary access to the circles of political, economic and financial power in Ireland and abroad.

2,500 people signed a petition to Denis O’Brien sending him a powerful public message to back off! The open letter states ‘the non-negotiable starting point is acceptance that a free press plays a vital role in holding government and decision makers, including the private sector, to account.’

In sending Denis O’ Brien this open letter Uplift members were also sending a message to the media that they too must stand up to him and his attempt to jeopardise press freedom.

On June 12th Uplift members delivered the open letter to Communicorp Head Office the company owned by Denis O’Brien. After great difficulty locating the exact building the group were met with some hostility by staff. It appears that Denis O’Brien isn’t used to receiving hand delivered letters from the public!

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