RMT members say they will stand shoulder to shoulder during TUC’s Mass Day of Action


RMT has confirmed that members on the Tyne and Wear Metro working for DB Regio and Nexus will strike alongside public sector colleagues on the 30th November.

They join members of 25 other unions taking action to protect their pensions.

Following a vote of more than 80% in favour all members are to take strike action by not booking on for any turn of duty commencing between 00:01hours and 23:59 hours next Wednesday.

In addition, all members are to take action short of strike in the form of an Overtime and Rest Day working ban between 00:01hrs and 23:59hrs on the same day.

As well as the Metro the action will also hit ferry services.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “With a massive mandate for action we can expect absolutely rock solid support from our members in the North East on the 30th November.

“We will be sending the clearest message to the government that we will defend our pensions to the hilt. RMT will be there shoulder to shoulder with millions of other public sector workers taking action next week to resist the attack on pensions.

“It’s the bankers and the bosses who have gambled with our country’s future and the men and women who make this country tick should not have tolerate a worse pension and be forced to work longer to make up for their mistakes.”

“RMT members on Tyne and Wear Metro and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary have shown that they are not going to sit back and take this outrageous attempt to consign them to a life of poverty in their old age.”

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