Striking workers from the Bootle lockout have been leafleting workers at sister fractories in Germany with support of Ver:di union


Three reps from MMP Bootle workers locked out for 3 weeks by their Austrian bosses have taken their story to workers at sister factories in Germany this week.

The reps, Phil Potter, Ian Byrne and Graham Manley, who were supported by officers from the multi-industry union Ver.di, explained the unfair selection criteria and inadequate terms 49 workers had been offered by management at the Merseyside plant (pictured).

The lock out began at dawn on 18th February when management took the decision to deny workers access and asked police to remove the workers remaining inside the plant.

They then attempted to load wagons and remove work from the site with the help of agency drivers working for FTS Hatswell of Deeside. When workers decided that this situation could not be continued, they peacefully occupied the site.

This eventually led to the senior board management of MMP UK agreeing to meet Unite reps and National Officer Ian Tonks, who had been on his way to the dispute that Saturday morning.

Unite reps say talks have been very slow and at times frustrating.

The locked out workers are now in the process of taking information to the European factories run by MMP to seek their help and backing.

Plans are in place to attend further gatherings across the sites throughout the group.

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