Some 80 executives are to attend BME diversity event in Salford

Move On Up North BectuMove on Up – the diversity event designed to help give BME workers a foothold in the broadcasting industry – has announced its line-up for its event in March.

Some 80 broadcasting executives, including some from the BBC, ITV and Al Jazeera, will be attending the industry event in Salford on March 25th to take part in pre-arranged one-to-one meetings with BME professionals.

The purpose of the event is to enable new contacts to be made and information to be obtained that will assist the BAME professionals to “move on up” in their careers.

BECTU Diversity Officer Janice Turner said: “In line with previous Move on Up events run in Salford we had aimed for 50 executives taking part and were assuming a little over 100 BAME professionals.

“But such has been the enthusiasm about Move on Up North, we now have almost 80 executives with more wanting to come along, and more than 240 people are already pre-registered.”

Alongside the one-to-one meetings, which run all day on 25 March, is a schedule of one-hour workshops. These cover storytelling on the variety of digital platforms, successful pitching, and the opportunity to take a look at the latest cutting edge technology.

Creative Skillset will be providing information on funding available for training and highlighting their professional network, the Hiive; while the employers explain their recruitment and commissioning processes and where to find the opportunities. BECTU will be highlighting the pitfalls and safeguards professionals need to know about particularly when working freelance.

This is the 10th Move on Up event since its inception in 2003, organised by BECTU in partnership with the BBC and Creative Skillset. An independent evaluation of the events held between 2003 and 2007 demonstrated the success of the model: the majority of BAME professionals who responded to the survey reported that as a result of the contacts and information gained, they went on to secure opportunities that they otherwise may have missed, such as jobs, programme commissions, work shadowing and feedback on scripts and programme proposals.

The scale of engagement with Move on Up North indicates that more than 500 individual meetings are likely to be scheduled to take place on the day.

The deadline for applications is February 16th. You can apply here.

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