Keates says Labour must act now to ensure the future of the UK’s state education system


The NASUWT has backed Labour plans to introduce an university-style admissions process for apprenticeships.

Commenting on the speech of shadow education secretary Andy Burnham at yesterday’s Labour Party Conference, general secretary Chris Keates said:

“Many of the things Andy Burnham said will resonate with a lot of people.

“The idea of the UCAS-style system of apprenticeships sends a clear and welcome message about the central importance of securing parity of esteem between academic and vocational pathways.

“This will need to be matched by a national framework of entitlement for learners and supported by a national framework of pay and conditions of service to raise the status of the professionals who deliver vocational courses.

“The Shadow Secretary of State rightly identified the brutal attacks which have been launched by this Coalition on a generation of young people, robbing them of their life chances.

“Having correctly identified the scale of the Coalition’s attack on state schools, Labour must act now to ensure that by the time of the next election there is still a state education system.”

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