Campaign artwork shows the women who have been hit hardest by government cuts to their pensions


UNISON has launched a set of hard-hitting adverts, which show the real face of the pensions crisis pushing public sector workers to strike.

The women featured include a custody detention officer, nurse and a local government worker, who finds jobs and apprenticeships for unemployed young people. The adverts point out exactly how much worse off the women would be at work and in retirement because of ministers’ pension proposals.

Women in the public sector have been the hardest hit by the government’s pay freeze, job and service cuts. Proposals to make them pay more for their pensions and work longer, for less, have forced these workers to breaking point and have led to them to join the picket lines on 30 November.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “These are real people taking real action to protect their pensions. The majority of public sector workers are women, who are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families in the face of a pay freeze and rising inflation. These workers cannot afford to pay more and work longer, to receive less in retirement.

“The workers in the adverts represent the many women who have been pushed to the brink by government ministers’ pensions proposals.

“Public sector workers spend their lives providing vital services and care deeply about their communities. They have had their pay frozen and seen rising workloads, as jobs and services are slashed. Now government ministers are coming for their pensions.

“We are willing to negotiate with government ministers’ any time, any place, but we still have no deal that we can put to a single one of these workers. We want pensions that are secure and sustainable and give people dignity in their retirement.  The door is open, it’s time to talk.”

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