GMB and Unite members walk out after Department of Health fails to make offer

Northern Ireland ambulanceGMB and Unite members in the NHS and ambulance service in Northern Ireland are today on strike over pay.


For while the government made a new offer to workers in England, leading to a suspension of action, the Health Department in Northern Ireland failed to do so, prompting NHS workers to walk out action between 9am and 9pm (between 12noon and 12 midnight for ambulance workers).

GMB regional officer Michael Mulholland said: “The response from the Department puts us back to square one.

“There is no confirmation that the pay offer for NHS staff in England will be applied in full as has been the practice for over 60 years. Instead we are invited to make reference to it in the discussions we have been offered. There is also no pay offer on the table for 2014/15.

“This is moving the goal posts and is totally unacceptable.

“At this late stage GMB calls on the Minister Jim Wells to intervene as Northern Ireland is now the only part of the UK facing a damaging day of NHS strike action.

“NHS workers are furious and the public will want to know why the Department of Health is not putting the offer in England on the table as they are expected to do. “

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