Teachers will be joining a two hour general strike in Norway on Wednesday against government plans which will see an increase in temporary contracts and precarious work.

norway strikeThe government is planning to make changes to the Working Environment Act which would see one in four workers on temporary contracts and employers having a free choice as to whether to offer a permanent or temporary contract. As regular readers of this site will know, the use of so-called contract teachers is widespread across the global South. Employing precarious labour across all sectors is a means of getting work on the cheap as well as discipling the workforce, who of course have no job security. It also seriously diminishes the ability of unions to organise and take action. For all these reasons, it is one of the main mechanisms used by neo-liberal strategists, including in education.

Trade union leaders say that these attacks, by the right wing government, are aimed at destroying rights which Norwegians have fought for for a hundred years. They are urging everyone to take part in the strikes and rallies which will be happening in major towns across Norway.


Terje Skyvulstad, leder Ragnhild Lied and Steffen Handal of teachers' union  Utdanningsforbundet. The T-shirts say "Teachers strike". Photo: Eli Kristine Korsmo/Utdanningsforbundet

Terje Skyvulstad, leder Ragnhild Lied and Steffen Handal of teachers’ union Utdanningsforbundet. The T-shirts say “Teachers strike”. Photo: Eli Kristine Korsmo/Utdanningsforbundet

The teachers union Utdanningsforbundet is urging members to take part. Last summer teachers in Norway went on strike against a new contract which aimed to deprofessionalise teachers by forcing them to stay in school for 7.5 hours a day.

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