Hundreds of teachers in Nottingham expected to join second day of strike action against plans to impose a 5-term school year


Hundreds of teachers in Nottingham are expected to join a second day of strike action against plans to impose a 5-term school year on the city.

(Pictured: school children on a picket line during the first strike, 29th March)

The NUT says local authority officials have made no concessions on the plans and have refused to withdraw a threat to sack workers who will not sign new 5-term contracts.

NUT regional secretary Ian Stephenson told UnionNews: “The council is waiting to see how strong we are.

“But we know that we’ve had a surge in membership since this dispute started and we could bring more schools out in this industrial action if we wanted to.”

More than 60 schools were affected by last month’s action.

The NUT says opposition to the council’s plans and support for its campaign, is growing daily.

The proposal would give pupils a shorter summer holiday but fortnight-long breaks in May and October.

Although some privately-operated academies in England have run trials of 5- and 7-term school calendars, Nottingham city council is the only local authority in the UK proposing the 5-term change, which it claims will improve learning for school children.

NUT says there is no evidence for the claim. A survey of school governors found more than 80% of them opposed the idea.

The surrounding Nottinghamshire county council has also rejected the plan. If implemented, it would force teachers with children at school in a different area into a completely different holiday pattern and would also reduce teacher mobility between regions.

Organisers will be holding ten school gate meetings across the city, with a protest rally later this morning at the city council offices.

Other teaching unions – NASUWT and ATL – are consulting members on industrial action against the proposal.

NUT reps are due to meet local education authority officials on Wednesday. If the council still refuses to withdraw the dismissal threat and the term changes, the union will call a third day of strike action on April 25th.

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