It is vital to share and strengthen existing alternatives, and to explore constructive proposals for the future…

On 21-22 April, Barcelona City Council will be hosting an event to promote and spread the idea of TTIP-Free Zones. The first day is intended for mayors and elected officials. From the evening of the first day, a bigger event will take place specifically intended for representatives of trade unions, NGOs, business associations and individual activists, with a proposed open air meeting and entertainment in the evening. It will be an opportunity to create links between civil society and local authorities and work together to stop the current rash of unaccountable neo-liberal free trade treaties.

Booking is now open – and you might have to book quickly to get a place. More details, and a link to a booking form, are below.

The event is being organised by TTIP free zones campaigners across Europe. Anyone who wishes to attend will need to organise their own flights and accommodation. We have been notified through Global Justice Now (the former World Development Movement) who are not directly involved in the organisation of the event, but who are very active in the campaign against TTIP and similar trade deals and whose website is worth following.

The organisers of the April event include Barcelona City Council,  and the Catalunya NO al TTIP campaign and the Spanish No al TTIP campaign. The Barcelona City Council website is available in English, Castillian/Spanish and Catalan, while the No al TTIP website (in Castillian) has sections on Andalucia, Cantabria/Santander, Catalunya, Castille and the Valencia Region.

The historic Pan-European Meeting of “Local Authorities and the New Generation of Free Trade Agreements” follows last October’s declaration of Barcelona as a TTIP and CETA (the Canadian Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) free zone.

Public pressure and opposition to the secretive new free trade agreements has resulted in over one thousand European municipalities adopting resolutions declaring themselves TTIP/CETA/TISA-free zones. The agreements, should they be signed and ratified, will jeopardise democratic principles implementing a range of anti-democratic measures including the Investor-state State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), Regulatory Cooperation and changes in rules for government procurement and public services. All of these are unaccountable to citizens and local authorities, and public policies defending human rights, local economies and social and economic justice must be strengthened. There is an urgent need to raise awareness of the social, economic and environmental impacts of the new free trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA and TISA. It is vital to share and strengthen existing alternatives, and to explore constructive proposals for the future.

Please check the preliminary programme here.

Complete the form here before 10 April to register your participation.

Registration is free but mandatory because of space limitations.

Further details will be sent after your registration.

For any queries please contact us using one of the following email addresses: and

Further information will be uploaded to the official website of the No al TTIP campaign.

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