Union Solidarity International, in an exciting new development for the global labour movement, is integrating with Trade Union TV (Ireland) and Union News (UK).

Image by John Sargent

Image by John Sargent

USi will be represented across every social media stream from Weibo to YouTube to Facebook to Google+ to Twitter – and many more. The focal point of our multimedia activities will be our website which will deliver news, information and campaigns from a trade union perspective.

Central to our efforts is working with trade unions and aligned organisations to provide a service that delivers a trade union message and facilitates the power of social media to augment organising efforts at a ground level.

USi’s new platform will result in millions of people visiting our streams every year.

USi Ireland is building solidarity by creating a space for workers and communities to share their issues and dreams while sharing stories of resistance to neo-liberalism. USi News UK is reporting the news from a trade union perspective across the UK, and USiLive continues to strengthen internationalism using the latest technology and social media.

The activities of the project are not restricted to driving change via online platforms. USi launched the Blood Bricks campaign, working to end modern day slavery and unionise thousands of workers in the brick kilns of India. We supported Ruins, the Greek human rights documentary exposing the far rightwing attempts to demonise the vulnerable and marginalised. It will be a central part of our work to campaign for trade union and human rights around the world.

USi also provides a number of services to the global trade union community:

  • USi delivers an online campaigning & social media course expertise on location and virtually.
  • Creation of an “Organising Network” to privately and securely share information, research and campaign documents.
  • In-built web conference facility where we assist with the running of union events online including live streaming and other technical expertise.
  • Recording, editing and publishing of events for circulation to a global audience.
  • In partnership with global unions we are pioneering audio multi-lingual conferencing.

USi is supported by a growing number of trade unions in the UK and Ireland and around the world including the GMB, General Federation of Trade Unions, FBU, Mandate, SIPTU, PCS, RMT, TSSA, UCATT, Unison North West and Scotland, Unite the Union and Thompsons Solicitors.

We are supported by trade unions around the world representing millions of workers including the Teamsters, Unite HERE, United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, UFCW, CNM/CUT (Brazilian Metal Workers) FISAC/CGIL (Italy), National Union of Workers (Australia), South African Municipal Workers Union , Athens Labour Centre, OLME (Greek Secondary School Teachers), ProGe (Austria).

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South African trade unionist living in Glasgow. Loves whisky, wine, running and the great outdoors. Walton did an MA in Industrial Relations at Ruskin, Oxford, and is interested in how trade unions use new technology to organise.

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