Turkish protesters have started a new internet meme: the protest selfie.

During the massive protests following the death of Berkan Elvan, a group of protesters was arrested and thrown into the back of a police van. They tweeted the picture above, of themselves in very high spirits in the back of the police van. The image went viral, and was retweeted more than 5,000 times, as well as being featured in a lot of news articles. Today we have this:

Turkish leather workers at Punto Deri, members of the Deri-Is union, have been in dispute for months after being dismissed by the company.

Today’s tweet shows that their spirits remain high and the struggle continues!

Keep it up.

Are you involved in a dispute somewhere? Why not tweet us a selfie?

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Walton Pantland

South African trade unionist living in Glasgow. Loves whisky, wine, running and the great outdoors. Walton did an MA in Industrial Relations at Ruskin, Oxford, and is interested in how trade unions use new technology to organise.

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