Union says Chancellor’s strategy is failing to bring down the deficit

Tim Lezard

Osborne BudgetChancellor George Osborne’s austerity is causing misery for millions of people but failing to cut the budget deficit, the PCS says.

Public sector borrowing was down just 0.25% on last year, official figures released today show.

This £300,000 drop is dwarfed by the £2.5 billion the government has cut from the public sector wage bill alone as a result of job cuts.

The figures come as right wing pressure group Policy Exchange publishes a call by a former adviser to David Cameron for more of the same failed policies of cuts and privatisation.

In autumn 2010 the union published, ‘There is an alternative: the case against cuts in public spending’, arguing austerity would not work: http://www.pcs.org.uk/alternative

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “George Osborne’s cuts are causing misery for millions of people, but failing to bring down the deficit, which is exactly what we predicted would happen two and a half years ago.

“With our economy flatlining, the deficit teetering around a margin of error and the UK losing Osborne’s prized credit rating, it is blatantly obvious that he has failed and he needs to step aside or be sacked.

“We urgently need an alternative of investment to help our economy to grow, to create jobs and opportunities, and to clamp down on the corporate tax dodgers who deprive our economy of tens of billions of pounds a year.”

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