Mark Serwotka says unions must come together to defend jobs, living standards, our NHS and our welfare state

pcs flagUnions must come together to defend public services and our welfare state under the new Tory government, the PCS says.

The results should spell the end of our outdated voting system, the union adds, and proportional representation is now essential to democracy.

PCS will be the first union to hold its annual conference after the election, with delegates meeting in less than two weeks’ time to set priorities for the coming year on pay, jobs and working conditions.

On the election results, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “It is truly shocking that the Tories have won a majority after running a campaign of fear and division, but Labour failed to offer a convincing alternative.

“The rise of the SNP shows there is a real appetite for policies that represent clear opposition to austerity and offer hope.

“The unions must step up the fight against Tory cuts and come together to defend jobs, living standards, our NHS and our welfare state.”

On our voting system, Mark Serwotka said: “First past the post is a broken system that stultifies elections, degrades our democracy and alienates voters by fostering complacent two-dimensional politics.

“We desperately need electoral reform to give people more political choice and ensure their votes count.”

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