Scores of PCS members joined impromptu protest this morning against enforced changes to their pension scheme


Scores of PCS members have joined an impromptu protest against enforced changes to their pension scheme, by dumping letters from their HR director in a huge ‘return to sender’ bag in central London.

The letters were sent to thousands of civil servants last week, informing them that as of 1st April, their staff contributions to the pension scheme would be increased, in spite of there being no agreement on the proposal with PCS and some other unions.

The protest – organised by rank and file activists at the union’s Euston Tower branch in London – began last week when it is estimated hundreds of members returned the letters with comments such as “no thanks” and “my union will be in touch” or “do not take these deductions from my salary”.

Euston Tower branch secretary Dave Plummer told UnionNews: “We were getting them at the rate of one letter a minute this morning.

“Lots of unexpected people turned up, so it went pretty well.”

Branch officials then went on to return the sackful of letters to the HMRC head office in Whitehall.

PCS says it is talking to other public sector unions about further co-ordinated national strike action over pensions.

There were national strikes on 30 June and 30 November last year.

A decision on whether to take part in further industrial action is to be debated at PCS national conference in Brighton at the end of May.

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