PCS members take action at Computer Sciences Corporation

CSCStaff who work for a billion dollar US IT multinational, administering the pensions of our armed forces, today begin a five-day strike over a 9p per hour pay rise.

The workers at Computer Sciences Corporation have been offered less than 0.5% for 2014/15. CSC last year posted pre-tax profits of more than $1 billion.

The union’s 200 members, mostly based in Glasgow, are ex-Ministry of Defence staff who work as pension administrators and in IT on the MoD contract.

They have been working to rule for the last two months in opposition to the “obscene and insulting” pay offer and are now on strike for five days, with the threat of more to come if the company continues to refuse to move.

CSC attracted controversy for its role in the NHS’s scrapped National Programme for IT, prompting the chair of the House of Commons’ public accounts committee to describe it in parliament in June 2013 as a “rotten company”.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “It is nothing short of obscene that this billion dollar company is offering staff such an insulting pay increase.

“These workers are proud of the work they do for the armed forces but they are not even being given crumbs from the table by this eye-wateringly profitable US firm.”

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