Pro-choice activists yesterday took the train from Dublin to Belfast to bring back safe, non-surgical abortion pills denied to women in the Irish state. The action is designed to highlight the ongoing abortion ban and need for Repeal of the 8th Amendment which equates a fertilised egg with that of a woman and bans abortio

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Pro choice activists break the law bringing the Abortion Pill to Ireland #abortionpilltrain, 28th October 2014 Photo © Paula Geraghty

Pro choice activists break the law bringing the Abortion Pill to Ireland, 28th October 2014
Photo © Paula Geraghty

Activists were re-enacting the 1971 Contraceptive Train in which women brought condoms illegally from the North of Ireland into Southern Ireland where contraceptives were banned.
30 women, alongside four pro-choice TDs, made the journey. Women took the pills at a rally on their return to Dublin to demonstrate their safety and to defy Ireland’s medieval abortion laws which criminalise women.

The action takes place two years after the death of Savita Halappanavar and months after the effective torture of another pregnant woman, a migrant suicidal  rape victim who they say could have been given these pills.

The participants are from a range of Irish pro-choice groups including ROSA, Action for Choice, Real Productive Health, as well as a number of TDs and councillors from People Before Profit, Socialist Party and Anti Austerity Alliance. The TDs are accompanying the women to underline that unjust laws have to be defied.

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