SoR joins mass day of action


Members of the Society of Radiographers have voted overwhelmingly to support the nationwide day of action on November 30th in opposition to government plans to reform the pensions of public sector workers.

The ballot of 17,500 SoR members who work in the NHS and carry out crucial medical diagnostic and therapy procedures returned an 83% “Yes” vote in a 58.2% turnout.

President Sue Johnson said: “It is sad that radiographers have to take industrial action to persuade the government that the pension reforms are unfair, but they feel they have no choice.

“We and the other unions will keep negotiating right up until the last minute to stop the save cuts to pensions rights.

“If we have to go ahead with industrial action, it is out intention to minimise the effect it will have on patients. Our argument is not with them, but with the government and withdrawing labour is one way we can show the depth of our anger at what the government is doing to people’s pensions.”

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