Union stands up for control room operators who risk losing their jobs


RMT have declared a national dispute with Network Rail over the threat to Electrical Control Room jobs.

The dispute centres on plans by Network rail to reduce the number of Electrical Control Room centres.

Unions have met with Network Rail and have pressed for an agreement that, whatever happens in the future with regards to the plans to reduce the number of ECRO locations, there would be a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies.

Management have failed to provide such a commitment and, therefore RMT have had no option but to declare a dispute with Network Rail in order to protect our members jobs.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The Electrical Control Room Operators deliver a critical service in terms of running the nation’s railways and the network cannot operate without them.

“We have sought through negotiation a perfectly fair and realistic agreement on no compulsory redundancies at this time of major reorganisation but Network Rail managers have failed to accept that and have plunged us into this dispute as a result.

“Early in the New Year the three unions involved will meet to discuss a joint strategy, including the use of industrial action, to protect our members jobs and livelihoods and to prevent a wave of compulsory redundancies from being bulldozed through by the company.”

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