Members demonstrate in Preston as Network Rail is prosecuted over Grayrigg death


The RMT is today taking its protest over rail reform to Preston Crown Court.

Members will this morning be demonstrating from 9.30am outside the courts as the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) prosecutes Network Rail over the tragic Grayrigg Train Crash in Cumbria.

The established reasons for the Grayrigg tragedy were bad management and unrealistic workloads – problems that RMT says still remain and which will worsen as the government roll out their massive rail cuts programme that will slice 30% from budgets while protecting the profits of the private train operators.

The same ORR taking the prosecution to court is meanwhile supporting the McNulty Rail Review, calling for the axing of even more railway infrastructure workers jobs creating the perfect conditions for another Grayrigg on the tracks.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The harsh reality is that any financial penalty on Network Rail as a result of this action will simply come out of the budget for maintenance increasing the likelihood of another Grayrigg in the future.

“The ORR which has brought the prosecution has also been demanding the cuts that led to Grayrigg in the first place as it is both financial controller and safety regulator in the insane world of rail privatisation. RMT will not let them off the hook for their responsibility for the cuts programme that results from their dual role.

“With the government set to drive forward the McNulty rail cuts programme the unions and the community will continue to unite in a joint campaign that puts safety above profit and the next point in that campaign is at Preston law courts this morning.”

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