RMT rejection of LU pay offer comes as London Mayor Boris Johnson seeks to highlight public transport strategy in his campaign for re-election


The RMT is seeking to escalate pressure on London Underground over increased payments for staff during the Olympics.

RMT LogoIt has rejected the latest pay offer from LU, making the announcement ahead of key decisions by London Mayor Boris Johnson to implement the transport strategy for the 2012 Games, which run from late-July to mid-September.

LU had offered extra payments of up of £100 depending on meeting ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ targets and £20 per shift worked during the 4 weeks of the Games.

Last week, RMT secured a deal worth £2500 for each member of staff with management of the DLR line, which links key sections of the Olympic park to the rest of the capital. The payments will cover the whole period from the official start of the games to the end of the Paralympics.

Officials deny they are holding out for a single deal across the four rail operators in London. They say they want to secure the best deal for their members, but insist it must apply to all staff.

A spokesman dismissed the “Customer Satisfation Targets” attached to LU’s proposed £100 payments as “vague and arbitrary”.

“The only target that matters is our members’ success at moving an extra 3 million people around the system every single day the Olympics are taking place.”

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “RMT is rejecting this latest Olympics and Paralympics pay offer from LUL and we will be meeting with the company again to press our case for a flat rate, across the board payment which recognises the contribution of all staff throughout the high pressure extended Olympics and Paralympics period and which is free from a whole barrage of strings and caveats.

“Other employers, notably London Overground, Network Rail and most recently DLR, have come up with serious offers and agreements and we expect London Underground to do the same.

Further talks with the company are to talk place later this week.

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