RMT launches campaign against scapegoating of drivers

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Leicester taxisThe RMT has launched a campaign to fight the scapegoating of taxi drivers by Leicester City Council.

The authority wants to introduce a new system of penalty points targeted at taxi drivers. There are already sanctions in place if drivers misbehave or commit any offence, so the union does not see the need for further intervention.

Drivers in the city are also being charged hundreds of pounds annually by East Midland Trains just to pick up passengers from the train station.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “We are deeply concerned that taxi drivers are being unfairly scapegoated and that rising intolerance and xenophobia explains some of the new schemes being devised to harass and extract fees from them. Rather than facilitate a properly functioning public taxi service, authorities are dreaming up new ways to crack down on drivers.

“Leicester taxi drivers are united in their need to take a stand. As part of the campaign against Leicester City Council’s proposals, RMT will be talking with passengers and politicians and organising a series of protests. These ‘go slows’ which will take place over the coming weeks, will be designed to raise awareness of the treatment of taxi drivers and force the council to think again.”



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