Dozens of signal workers had taken 4 days of strike action, with RMT threatening to escalate long-running dispute


The RMT has secured a settlement in its long-running dispute with Network Rail which will prevent a further day of strike action planned for tomorrow at the £20 million West of Scotland Signalling Centre in Glasgow.

Officials say they have secured a form of words with the employers covering the placement of trained and experienced staff into senior positions in the signal box – which controls rail services across Strathclyde and beyond.

A RMT official told UnionNews: “It includes the principle that an individual’s experience and seniority will apply and that’s what the strikes were all about, so it’s a victory for our members who have stood together through all this.”

The dispute began last year when management unilaterally decided to ignore a long term custom and practice arrangement at the centre over how vacancies are filled.

The union had threatened to escalate the action to include signallers across the whole of Scotland if the issue was not resolved.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “The negotiated settlement to this dispute has only been possible as a result of the determination and solidarity shown by RMT members at the West of Scotland Signalling Centre.

“RMT members have stood together during this difficult period to demonstrate to management in the strongest possible terms that they will not accept blatant disregard for a long agreement over the application of career progression agreements.

“The whole union applauds our members for supporting the massively successful, rock solid strike action which has forced management to hold serious and meaningful negotiations with RMT to resolve the issue.”

You can watch our video report on the dispute here:

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