Union says “it defies belief” that Initial has rejected offer of talks at ACAS to try to prevent 48hour strike tomorrow


RMT has angrily criticised cleaning contractors Initial for refusing to attend talks at the conciliation service to try to prevent strike action tomorrow at the Eurostar-St Pancras terminal.

The Initial workers are scheduled to strike for 48 hours from tomorrow morning and for a further 48 hours from 1st March.

RMT says the workers have not had a pay rise in four years and describes Initial’s current offer of an increase of 13p per hour as “insulting”.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow (pictured) said: “It defies belief that Initial would turn down the opportunity for meaningful talks over the poverty pay scandal.

“This dispute over justice for low paid cleaners at the five star St Pancras facilities will not simply go away if the company bury their heads in the sand and we are left wondering what they have got to be scared of from engaging with RMT through the offices of ACAS.

“Last week, another contractor on the Eurostar system, OCS pulled back from strike action and raised the basic rate to a minimum of £8 an hour and improved conditions like sick pay. Initial staff on the stations deserve similar recognition not a kick in the teeth and a pathetic £6.76 an hour.”

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