Tyne and Wear Metro staff are the latest to join fight against “greedy spivs and speculators”


Transport union RMT confirmed today it will be lining up alongside unions in a range of other sectors in balloting for action over the attack on pensions.

Workers employed by Nexus and DB Regio on Tyne and Wear Metro are the latest to engage in the pensions fight. The workers are covered by the Local Government Pensions Scheme (LPGS) and would be hit by the assault on contributions and retirement provisions. The ballot will cover the full range of staff on the North East’s Metro system.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “RMT has always said that where there is scope for us to organise and co-ordinate strategies with other trade unions that we will do just that – Tyne and Wear Metro workers are directly affected by the attack on the LGPS and we have no hesitation in balloting for action.

“It is a scandal that workers who have made pension provisions and planned for the long-term are taking the hit for a financial crisis created by the reckless and greedy actions of the spivs and speculators from the banks and business sector.

“Wherever RMT members are threatened by the ConDems austerity cuts we will fight back and wherever there is an opportunity to co-ordinate our campaigns and actions with fellow trade unionists to maximise our impact we will seize it.”

Fourteen unions are already planning a day of action on November 30th.


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