Members furious at managers ignoring custom and practice over job vacancies


The RMT is to ballot members working for Network Rail at the West of Scotland Signalling Centre for strike action.

The ballot for action concerns management’s continuing refusal to adhere to a long standing local arrangement where, when a resident post becomes vacant, the senior General Purpose Relief (GPR) is slotted into that position. This has been in place for over three decades but management are suddenly refusing to apply this custom and practice arrangement. RMT members are outraged at the behaviour of local management over this issue and are demanding action.

Ballot papers will be sent out on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 with a closing date of Wednesday 7th December.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “RMT members will not stand by while management unilaterally rip up agreements and practices that have been in place at local level for decades.

“RMT members are furious at this refusal to comply with a local arrangement that offers genuine career progression opportunities.

“We now have no choice to ballot for action up to and including a strike to bring the local management responsible for this move to their senses.”

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