Union opposes plans to install automatic gates on Gatwick Express service


Photo: Jonathan Warren

The RMT is to ballot members for industrial action on Gatwick Express in response to a threat to jobs from increased automation at the gate line at Victoria and Gatwick.

Throughout intense discussions with Southern, who run the Gatwick Express service, the union has made it clear it is totally opposed to the company’s gate line proposals and has major concerns on the effects it will have on members’ livelihoods.

RMT believes Southern’s proposals to gate either side of the Gatwick Express service at Gatwick Airport and Victoria stations will have a detrimental impact on the service the company provides and are a potential threat to the on-board staff jobs.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “Yet again we’re forced to ballot our members for action because a train operating company is threatening jobs in order to fatten up profits.

“Go-Ahead – which co-owns the Southern franchise – recorded an increase in rail profits of nearly 30% earlier this month raking off £48 million from the railways. They will also be looking forward to a whacking great increase in fares in January while slashing customer service by threatening to dump on-train staff through these automation proposals.

“With this week’s shocking rise in the unemployment figures, of course we will be doing all that we can within our power to defend our members jobs on Gatwick Express.”

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