BECTU members furious after managers ignore majority vote to recognise the union

Royal Albert HallBECTU has vowed to overturn the decision by senior management at the Royal Albert Hall to reject a majority staff vote in favour of union recognition.

Staff members voted 117-109 for recognition by BECTU, with a turnout of 72%, but this was rejected by management which claimed: “The union does not have the support of the majority of the employees within the Hall.”

Union members are furious and have pledged to pursue the matter further with ACAS and the TUC.

BECTU general secretary Gerry Morrissey said: “No amount of spin, nuance, or interpretation of other letters can change this inescapable fact – the Royal Albert Hall agreed the rules and are now seeking to change the rules. Presumably because they didn’t get the result they wanted.

“ACAS are the respected, government-sponsored, impartial and independent body for these issues. ACAS assisted us through the process and were in full possession of the information including the ballot rules.

“I believe the management response is both a snub to staff and union, as well as an ill-judged challenge to the integrity and probity of ACAS.”

BECTU has appealed to management to change its mind and accept the ballot.

Gerry Morrissey said: “We never considered that the legitimate and democratic vote of Royal Albert Hall staff would be rejected by management; it should be clear that BECTU will do everything in its power, both industrially and politically, to ensure that the voice of staff, reflected in vote for BECTU recognition, is heard.”




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