Ruins: see the first images from our Greek documentary

We are releasing the first images from the new documentary we are funding together with Unite the Union, which is produced by the Greek journalism community The documentary chronicles a shocking HIV criminalisation case that targeted dozens of women last year in Greece.

The documentary will be entitled “Ruins” (“Ερείπια” in Greek) and is in the final stages of editing.

Ruins will feature interviews with activists, lawyers, doctors and journalists. More importantly, it will include exclusive interviews with women and their families, who were approached by the filmmakers with the help of the Solidarity Initiative for the Persecuted HIV Positive Women,  a group of feminist activists who offered support throughout their imprisonment.

In one of these interviews, a woman said that her ordeal came as a result of the then Greek ministers’ desire for votes in the national elections. “I believe this happened for a few extra votes. Myself and the other girls, I believe we have the courage to look [politicians and authorities] in the eyes and confront them. I want to see if they have that courage. First of all, I would ask them why? Why?”

We would like to thank everyone who has offered their generous support for this project. We continue to accept donations for the completion of the documentary here. For more on the documentary you can read articles by director Zoe Mavroudi here and here.

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