Union accuses Cross Country of taking the “easy” option by dismissing long-serving member Charlie Letham

rmtRMT members working for Cross Country are being balloted for strike action after one of their colleagues was sacked.

Charlie Letham was dismissed for allegedly missing his revenue targets despite the fact that the company procedure quite clearly stipulates that any underlying issues shall be taken into account when the assessment is applied.

The union says this was important in the Charlie Letham’s case as he suffered from medical and personal problems. In fact, both his GP and the company doctor made several recommendations to the company to assist them in aiding our member in the workplace.

However, management simply refused to acknowledge Charlie Letham’s underlying health problems and ignored the recommendations from the medical professionals before proceeding to sack him.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Charlie Letham has been a loyal union member for 15 years and has done everything he can to continue working in his normal capacity. However, Cross Country management decided that the easiest solution was to dismiss our member despite the weight of medical evidence.

“ This is not a situation that can go unchallenged and is a shocking abuse of power demonstrated by the company management. As a result, the union’s executive committee has decided to ballot our all our Cross Country members at Edinburgh Waverley for strike action and industrial action short of a strike, to force the company to re-employ Brother Letham.

RMT remains available for talks aimed at resolving this dispute.”

* The RMT is also balloting staff across Hull Trains in a dispute over the redundancy of a staff member who the union believes is being forced out of the company by underhand means for challenging a senior manager who was verbally abusing a colleague.


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