UCU members north of the border join their colleagues south, east and west in taking strike action


University lecturers in Scotland have voted for strike action in the row over changes to public sector pensions.

Members of the UCU in the Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme (STSS) voted by 2:1 to take strike action in protest at changes to their pensions that would see them pay more and work longer in exchange for reduced benefits in retirement.

The UCU members in ‘modern’ universities (also known as post-92 universities) will now join a host of other public sector unions in co-ordinated action on Wednesday 30 November.

Despite the fact that the STSS pension scheme is a devolved matter, the Scottish government will be implementing the increase in employee contributions in 2012/13 in line with the Westminster proposals.

UCU Scottish official Mary Senior said: “UCU members have shown they are opposed to the changes that will see them pay more and work longer in exchange for reduced benefits in retirement. Members  will take strike action to defend their pensions joining our members in all universities and all Scottish education unions along with around three million trade union members across the UK on 30 November.

“The Scottish Government should work with the unions to seek a resolution to the dispute and not simply impose changes to pensions that will result in lecturers paying an extra £90 a month in exchange for reduced benefits.”

UCU members in the traditional pre-92 universities are members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (the second largest private scheme in the UK) and are already involved in industrial action which has them ‘working to contract’. By working to contract, staff refuse to undertake extra duties or work outside their contracted hours.

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