Scottish Trades Union Congress expressed support for Fast Food Rights Day of Action, launches call for city councils to make safe staff travel a condition for the granting of licenses.

STUC General Secretary, Grahame Smith said:

“Since we launched our campaign against low pay and zero hours contracts in the food, retail and leisure sectors, we have been contacted by workers across Scotland complaining at their treatment.

“In the US, trade unions and community campaigners are coming together and making real gains by pressuring fast food giants to increase pay and permit union activity.

“In Scotland zero-hours contracts are rife, payment below the Living Wage is the norm and people report being routinely disrespected at work.”

One particular problem which has been frequently highlighted is the tendency for employers to insist or ‘request’ that workers extend their work into the early hours, with little notice and, very often, no pay. Having to work later hours often leave employees with the choice of paying for a taxi home (taking a large chunk of money from their night’s pay) or walking miles home in the early hours.

One of the targets for tomorrow’s campaign activities is McDonald’s in Argyle Street Glasgow which was recently required by the local council to provide additional security following reports of hundreds incidents including violent assaults, homophobic attacks and various breaches of the peace.

Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary added:

“The recent controversy over the safety of customers at McDonald’s in Argyle Street, Glasgow met with a strong response from the city council. We are now looking for the same concern to be extended to workers throughout the city who undertake very late hours, often at late notice because of the arduous nature of their contract. All businesses operating a late licence in our cities should be required to give an account of what procedures it has in place to guarantee staff safety after shifts finish.

“I am today writing to council leaders and Licensing Boards of Scotland, asking them to meet with the STUC to discuss updating statements of licensing policy to include obligations on licensees to protect the health, safety and welfare of their workers including providing safe transport home where shifts finish and public transport is not an option.”

STUC GS Dave Moxham at #FastFoodGlobal in Glasgow

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Schedule for 15th April day of action in Glasgow

  • Meet 12noon at McDonalds, 1200 Maryhill Road
  • 2:30pm at McDonalds, 101-105 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3DD (pedestrian pavement between Renfield St & Hope St)
  • March down Buchanan Street to arrive at…
  • 4pm at McDonalds, 209-215 Argyle Street (corner of Union St) G2 8DL where we will stay until 6pm.

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