RMT members are involved in a dispute over bullying and harassment, and a bid to impose workplace changes without agreement

Tim Lezard

RMTSecurity and safety staff working on London Overground services are today protesting outside City Hall in advance of taking strike action on Thursday.

The RMT members, employed by STM Security Group, are involved in a dispute over bullying and harassment, and an attempt to impose workplace changes without agreement.

In December the union suspended strike action to allow the negotiators to begin talks with London Overground, with a view to bringing the Travel Safe Officer work back in-house.

Nearly three months later, employers have refused to meet with the union, prompting the union to believe they were deliberately misled to stop a strike in the run-up to Christmas.

Meanwhile, management at STM still have a cavalier attitude towards bullying and harassment and are refusing to address the concerns of our members in a proper and professional manner. The Executive of RMT has therefore decided to call further strike action to force management to honour their commitments, call off the campaign of harassment and address the issues in the workplace.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The bullying and intimidation of our members’ representatives by STM Security, the issue at the heart of this long-running dispute, is utterly deplorable and represents a pre-meditated assault on this trade union in a desperate attempt to try and undermine RMT’s growing strength on this contract.

“RMT is demanding that London Overground, which tolerates STM as one of its key contractors, intervene to stop the disgraceful activities of this outfit and we repeat our demand for these key safety services to be brought in-house rather than subbed out to these cowboys. We were given the impression in the run up to Christmas that LOROL were going to do just that but it is now clear that their warm words were just a delaying tactic to buy time during the festive season.

“RMT LOROL safety and security members have shown their determination to stand up to the bullies and union-busters in the unanimous strike vote and in last year and the strike action in November and the whole union stands with them in this struggle for justice. RMT remains available for talks aimed at addressing the range of outstanding issues and it is down to all parties to honour their commitments and take the action required to resolve this dispute.”

* The protest takes place outside City Hall between 9 and 11am


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