Strike has wrung concessions from Tory-led council. “We were resolute about taking them on,” says union


Shropshire Council has offered a series of “significant” concessions over a threat to cut pay and a series of benefits to local authority staff in the face of what UNISON officials say was “excellent” support for a one-day strike against proposed new contracts, due to come into force at the end of this month.

On the eve of today’s strongly-supported strike by staff and rally outside the council headquarters, the local authority held the first negotiations with UNISON in three months.  Among a series of proposed concessions, the council has back-tracked on its threat to withdraw facility time and accomodation from union officials if the dispute continued.

Branch Secretary, Alan James told UnionNews: “we’ve held our nerve and we were resolute about taking them on.  The council would never have agreed to meet us if we hadn’t taken action today.  That message was very well received at the rally.”

Further detailed negotiations with the council are planned for early next week.

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