TSSA says Johnson should concentrate as standing as Tory leader if he cannot focus on London

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Tube trainThe TSSA has called on Boris Johnson to stand down as London Mayor after he appearer to make a U-turn on the Night Tube.

During a radio interview yesterday, London’s mayor suggested the project had hit the buffers, saying it was “not absolutely critical” and that Londoners had survived without it for 150 years.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: “This is a complete U-turn by Boris that London simply can’t afford. Passengers want a Night Tube service, business want it and our members are signed up to deliver it.

“We all get that London needs to become a proper, modern 24/7 city. But the man who is supposed to leading London into the future now tells us that he’s changed his mind.

“If he’s bottling the job as mayor because he wants to lead the Tory Party, he should stop his dithering and stand down now and leave those of us who really do want to deliver for London to get on with our jobs.”


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