Unite members in Birmingham take action over pay inequality

Pilkington1Workers at windscreen makers Pilkington in King’s Norton are today on strike because they are earning £3,000 a year less than their colleagues five miles away in Redditch.

The Birmingham-based Unite members are holding a series of strikes as well as continuous overtime ban until July 10th.

Unite regional officer Brian Rickers said: “The crux of the dispute is that is five miles down the road in Redditch operators are earning £3,000-a-year more for doing the same job.

“The King’s Norton operatives get paid about £17,000-a-year and those at Redditch about £20,000.

“The company has not addressed this issue in the last four years. Our members have said ‘enough is enough’ with a 78% vote in favour of strike action over a two per cent pay offer which would have further cemented the pay disparity between the two sites.

“The series of strikes, coupled with an overtime ban, could hit the production of windscreens which could then impact on deliveries to car makers Jaguar, Nissan and Vauxhall.

“Given this, we would urge the management to get around the table in a positive fashion and negotiate a fair pay deal and salary harmonisation between the two sites.”


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