On this United Nations day for the elimination of gender based violence, transport workers organized under the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) are taking action globally.


To this end the Swazi Transport Workers’ Union (STAWU) is pleased to report that Swaziland government has been successfully lobbied to support the ILO gender based violence convention set to be considered by International Labour Organization in Geneva by year 2016.

The STAWU General Secretary, in a letter directed to the Labour and Social Security Minister, dated September 23th 2014 and copied to TUCOSWA and the ITF, wrote:

“On behalf of Swaziland Transport and Allied Workers’ Union – STAWU, I am writing to express our strong support for an ILO Convention on gender-based violence (GBV). STAWU urges the government of Swaziland to support the proposal of including a standard setting item on violence against women and men in the world of work in the agenda of the International Labour Conference (ILC) in 2016.”

He concluded, “We believe that Swaziland can play a vital role in pushing this proposal forward. By expressing your support for including a standard setting item on GBV at the next meeting of the Governing Body in March, the government will send a strong signal of its commitment for the promotion and protection of human rights and gender equality at work”.

In a courtesy meeting between STAWU and the Minister on October 30th 2014, the minister expressed full support of the proposed convention and assured on behalf of Swaziland government that the country will undoubtedly endorse adoption of the convention. STAWU President General Patrick Khumalo remarked, “As transport workers we are pleased. The committal by the ministry comes on a better light in so far as it relates to workers’ rights and the country’s international image”.

The International Trade Union Confederation and International Transport Workers’ Federation is among key GUFs (Global Union Federation) running the campaign at global level

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