Globalisation means we have to coordinate our struggles with workers in other countries. Fortunately, technology is making it easier to do this.We have two web conferencing systems that union activists are welcome to use. Both use Free and Open Source Software.


Multi-lingual audio-only conferencing

This is experimental software that we’re working with the IUF to develop. It currently supports two languages, and works just like simultaneous translation at a conference. You will need to supply the translation.

It’s suitable for people with low bandwidth, and it’s possible to phone in to the conference with a mobile or landline phone.

Mexcla works best with the Chrome browser.

Login to Mexcla

Full instructions can be found in our how-to article.

Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is a sophisticated video conferencing system. It allows up to 25 participants, who can see and hear each other, as well as chat. You can upload slides and documents, and annotate them.

Big Blue Button requires a good internet connection.

How-to video