The Fallout from Prism and General Strike in Turkey

The Fallout from Prism and General Strike in Turkey – welcome to your daily dose of outrage from Union Solidarity International.

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Two Turkish trade union confederations have gone on strike today to protest against the treatment of demonstrators. They are joined by the doctors’ dentists’ and engineers’ unions.

5,000 people have been injured in the protests, and there are reports that the police have used pepper spray in water cannons. Lawyers have been prevented from speaking to their clients, and several doctors and nurses who have been treating protesters have disappeared.

The complicity of major internet companies in the mass surveillance of online activity has been exposed. This has huge implications for the way we organise online. There can be no democracy without freedom of speech and privacy.

The fallout from the Guardian’s exclusive story on the National Security Agency and the handing over of private data by social media organisation’s to Government agencies. Over the last 48 hours social media organisations such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook are beginning to reveal an extent of their cooperation with the NSA and Dick Cheney reveals his brain cell count by claiming Edward Snowden is a spy for China. We talk about the profound consequences the sharing of this data has for the information technology revolution.

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