The Prosecution of Students in Halkidiki

In Halkidiki (northern Greece) the local population have been protesting against the gold mining investment because it destroys the environment and endangers the health of the local people.

Police used tear gas to break up a demonstration against the arrest of five suspects charged with participating in last month’s arson attack on the offices and vehicles of the Hellas Gold mining company in Skouries. The arrests appears to have been a catalyst for clashes between local residents opposed to the gold mining and riot police.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets Saturday in Greece’s second largest city of Thessaloniki to protest the Eldorado Gold Corp. mine set to operate east of the city.

USi received the following statement from OLME’s Board (Greek Federation of Secondary Education State School Teachers)

“In Ierissos village fifteen year old students of Lyceum, were called in the Police head station of Halkidiki in Polygiros. It is an unacceptable, undignified, devious and dangerous act, students to be drawn to police departments, to be interrogated and forced to illegally provide genetic specimen.

The EB of OLME condemns the violation of human rights, police arbitrariness and the lack of human sensitivity which leads to the prosecution and the targeting of under-age children. We are determined to protect our students and we demand at once to stop targeting them.

We condemn also, the unprovoked attack by the Units for the Reinstatement of Order (MAT) and the chemicals thrown against the fighting people of Ierissos and especially, we condemn the throwing of chemicals inside the school yard which resulted in the terrorization of students and their injuring.”

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