UCATT insists on tough safety measures at Kier after member died falling from ladder


More than 5,000 workers at housing maintenance specialist Kier’s will be surveyed this week over safety concerns, following lobbying from construction union UCATT.

The surveys are timed to coincide with European Health and Safety Week, which runs from 24th-28th October. The 26th October is National inspection Day where health and safety representatives are urged to conduct a survey of their workplace to ensure that it meets safety standards.

The campaign to have the Kier’s workforce surveyed over safety is part of a long running campaign by UCATT to ensure that the workforce is protected by the highest safety standards possible. Following pressure from UCATT, last week Kier held the inaugural meeting of its national safety committee. The committee will meet regularly to ensure uniform safety standards are maintained

In December 2009 tragedy struck when a UCATT member Raymond Jessop, who worked for Kier’s in Hull, died after falling from a ladder while painting the outside of a house.

As part of the survey Kier workers will be asked to identify the worst practice of safety in their workplace, the best practice of safety in their workplace and how safety in their workplace can be improved.

Steve Murphy, Regional Secretary for UCATT Yorkshire who is responsible for organising both the National Kier Safety Committee and the UCATT Kier Convenor Forum, said: “This is a vitally important initiative, UCATT are ensuring that workers at Kier are fully involved in ensuring that their workplaces are safe.

“Where bad and dangerous practices are identified UCATT will swiftly ensure that workers safety is no longer put in danger.”

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