TUC describes plans as “democratic outrage”

IMG_4089The Conservative Party has launched an attack on the right of public sector workers to take strike action.

The Tories last night released a package of measures to feature in May’s General Election manifesto, including introducing a 40% threshold on “core” public sector ballots, ending the ban on using agency staff as scabs and imposing a three-month time limit on strike ballots.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The Conservatives know that this threshold will effectively end the right to strike in the public sector. No democracy elsewhere in the world has this kind of restriction on industrial action. It is a democratic outrage, especially as the Conservatives have opposed allowing secure and secret online balloting – the one measure guaranteed to increase turn outs.

“We know they plan to get rid of a million public sector jobs and cut the value of public sector pay every year in the next parliament if they win the election. Now they are also going to make it impossible for public sector workers to resist.”

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