Community says Lord Heseltine’s comments insult the families of those who are losing their livelihoods

HeseltineCommunity has reacted in fury at a Tory peer’s comments that “now is a good time for steelworkers to lose their jobs.”

Former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine told the Daily Mail the government was right not to have stepped in to save 3,500 steel jobs because it would have been too expensive.

And he added: “If you are going to lose your job this is probably as good a time [as any] because the number of new jobs in the economy today is one of the most exciting features of this economy compared with many others.”

Community assistant general secretary John Park told UnionNews: “These comments reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of Britain’s steel industry and those communities it serves.

“To suggest this is a ‘good time’ for steelworkers to lose their jobs not only insults those families losing their livelihoods, but fails to appreciate the devastating impact that thousands of lost jobs will have on our steel communities.

“These are highly skilled jobs in a foundation industry, it is simply not the case that those workers affected can just walk into another well-paid, skilled job in their area.

“Rather than shrugging their shoulders on TV, the Tories should be helping to save our steel industry with inactive industrial strategy.”

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