TSSA fears says 2 out of 5 five staff at NR head office will be axed if they live more than 75 minutes away from new £30 million headquarters


Network Rail is planning to sack hundreds of staff for living too far away from their work, according to the TSSA.

It says two out of every five staff at the firm’s London HQ will be axed this sunmmer if they live more than 75 minutes travelling time from the new £30 million headquarters at Milton Keynes.

150 have already been informed by the company.

Managers have been given more leeway. They can live up to 90 minutes away from the four storey glass fronted HQ next to Milton Keynes station.

TSSA estimates some 850 staff, mainly living south of London – in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire – will lose their jobs when 2,200 transfer from the Melton Street HQ next to Euston Station in the summer.

General secretary Manuel Cortes said: “This is an unfair and arbitrary decision which we believe to be unlawful.

“It does not apply to staff working in London at present. This modern day version of Beat the Clock to get to work is a complete nonsense.

“They are telling staff they cannot follow their jobs in the worst recession in 70 years. With unemployment heading towards 3 million, where else are they going to find work in these hard times?”

TSSA is warning Network Rail it will take legal action to defend its members right to move to Milton Keynes.

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