ASLEF accuses employers of wasting time by attempting legal challenge to 92% ballot for strike instead of negotiating


The London tube drivers’ union ASLEF is warning of further strike action in the New Year unless the employers, LUL begin negotiations to resolve a two-year dispute over time off and overtime payments for working on Boxing Day.

According to ASLEF national officer Simon Weller, Monday’s 24 hour strike was triggered by the company’s refusal to acknowledge a steady increase in the level of services and the number of passengers using the London underground on Boxing Day since the 1992 LUL “Company Plan” was drawn up.

He said: “Where it had once been the practice that few train operators were required on Boxing Day it has now become more common for them to be rostered to work.

“ASLEF had wanted a system based on volunteers.  LUL had expressed concerns that they would not get enough volunteers and incentives were discussed, this is where the triple time myth has crept in.”

ASLEF had proposed a cost neutral solution to pay drivers more, but fund if from savings elsewhere, but the union says management only began serious negotiations in November and then went to court to challenge the ballot of more than 2000 drivers who voted by 92% in favour of strike action.

Three more 24-hour strikes are scheduled for mid-January and February.

Said Simon Weller: “Despite Boris [Johnson’s] promises of ‘No Strikes’ we have not had any approaches from the Mayor’s office over this matter”.

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