RMT says restrictions on annual leave will make live impossible for staff


The RMT is to ballot for industrial action on TFL over a ban on staff leave for the duration of the Olympics and has also declared a formal dispute with London Underground over a failure to reach an agreement on Olympics recognition and reward payments for all LU staff.

RMT has told TFL that it is appalled that the employer intends to severely restrict annual leave over the Olympic period, including banning annual leave during the Games altogether in at least one department. The union says that the plan will make life impossible for many staff, for example those with school-age children. RMT is also similarly appalled at TfL’s totally inadequate financial offer to our members, consisting solely of a £15 payment if a shift is changed.

As a result, RMT has no option but to organise a ballot for industrial action of all members in departments of TfL for strike action and for action short of strike.

RMT’s executive has also considered again the lack of progress from London Underground in reaching an acceptable agreement with the union over the Olympics recognition and reward issue and has agreed to formally declare a dispute with London Underground on this matter.

General secretary Bob Crow said: “RMT reiterates our stance that all grades of transport employees are entitled to a decent financial reward for their efforts transporting huge numbers of passengers during the Olympics and are entitled to take leave during the summer. Working conditions and important agreements should not and need not be attacked in order to facilitate Olympic running.”

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